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3 votes

How do I adjust import and export settings for wavefront .obj files in blender 4.1?

When in the File selector, hit N or click the top-right Settings gear icon to open the side panel where you'll find the Axis settings used when importing. Use the dropdowns beside the settings to ...
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3 votes

Correct way of using bpy.ops.import_mesh.stl bpy function?

Gorgious provided me with the solution in a comment beneath my question. The answer was to replace my function with a different operator, bpy.ops.wm.stl_import from ...
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1 vote

Separating part of mesh gives empty/invisible object

All the objects you can see in the 3D viewport are instances (linked duplicates) of other objects which are hidden from view. Therefore if you want to change an attribute of one of the visible objects ...
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