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How to import Krita art into Blender?

See the import/export menus as for importing/exporting 3D data into/out of the scene. You won't find most videos/audio/imagesfile formats there, because it's not the primary way to get any of these in ...
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How to import Krita art into Blender?

It all depends on what you want to do, if you want to import a sequence of images for example, switch your 3D view to Rendered or Material Preview, activate the Node Wrangler addon, create a plane, ...
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How to correctly import foreign CAD formats into Blender?

I usually have two approaches when receiving a Rhino or Sketchup file into blender. Clear all parents & keeping transformation. Then, select and delete everything that isnt geometry - in your ...
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USD import-edit-export flow for Reality Composer Pro?

To get a single root-level node in the exported USD file, enter a value like /scene in the export dialog’s Root Prim field:
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