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What's the difference in using displacement map vs real geometry?

Is there a performance (or any other) difference between these methods? If you end up with the same mesh in the end, no. Displacement (for Cycles anyway) is tessellated to a regular mesh at render ...
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1 vote

Bump node create wrong normals from height

Actually I do not know if you only want to get the normals or the displacement shown in the question. I'll go for the displacement, because this seems more what you want since you are using the ...
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1 vote

Bump node create wrong normals from height

The normals you're getting out of a bump node from a wave texture height are correct. But, you cannot use these normals as the input to displacement. Displacement affects your base normals, because it ...
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Blender-GIS Get SRTM wont work

BINGO - Error FIXED on SRTM!!!! .... I did a new install, loaded the GIS addon and same constant error on new and old versions. Read all the threads and finally figured it out myself. When I copied ...
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Decimate modifier with tileable meshes

I had a similar problem today. The way i solved it, was to just do the 1 decimate at the amount of detail your happy with, use either x or y symmetry to make life a bit easier. Then use Linked ...
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