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Put the streetlamp model and the light emitter into an own collection, let's say you call it "streetlight". In the Particle Emitter settings under Render > Render As choose "Collection". For the Instance Collection choose the created "streetlight" collection. Check "Whole Collection" underneath. This is usually not ...


Without knowing your file I would say you're already on the right path... I guess the leaves are a particle system of the tree, not a collection? The problem is, the trees you are using in the particle system for the landscape cannot have their own particle system to be displayed - you have to convert and apply it. CG Geek doesn't make this really clear in ...


The hairs grow from the faces of the two rings in the direction that the normals are facing. If you view normals in edit mode (by turning on the overlay and setting the normal length) I suspect you will see something like this: You want the normals from the top ring to face down. To do that select all of the faces in the top ring and type SHIFT-N to ...


you set the simulation end on the cap to 0. Set it to 250 and it works.

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