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Maybe the Stepped Interpolation f-Curve modifier is the one you're looking for? .. although you have to do the arithmetic a bit backwards, from your POV ..(start-value, end-value, frame-length of step). Or.. if you want the cycle to go on for ever, this might be your way.. Set one step as keyframes, with T > 'Constant' interpolation, and then set a ...


ok, after i bit of thinking...driver is the solution: i just added a driver for my x value like this: floor((frame)/25) * my_value


Bezier You have probably hidden handles ... so just go to View menu > Show Handles and adjust as needed. You can also change Handle Type V to change behaviour like here set Free ... Easing (by strength) To work without handles and to use easing, you would have to add a middle key. For the first key switch interpolation T like to Circular > Easy Out .....


As I wasn't able to find a convenient workflow for that, I wrote a very short add-on that does it here.


FYI, In Placer addon doesn't delete keyframes. It zeros out keyframes like you wanted. You can check the codes if you want. I don't know how you get the impression that it deletes the keyframes.


You can activate only show selected which will only include the selected bones

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