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How can I model a flutted glass lamp's shade?

Create this segment, mirror it: Array it on X and Z: Make it circular with a Simple Deform modifier, Bend mode, on Z: Deform it with a Lattice modifier: Result:
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Glass/Plexiglass shader

Apart from surface imperfections as mentioned by @aidan-j-rhoden it is always helpful to give glass objects things to reflect to make them appear more realistic. You have a single point light and a ...
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Glass/Plexiglass shader

If you're talking about the noise and fireflies, try the old standby: *IOR should be 1.5 for glass, most likely
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Glass/Plexiglass shader

For perfect glass, have no roughness and crank up the transmission.However, perfect glass looks fake, so unless this is the look you are going for, you need to add imperfections. One easy way is to ...
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