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4 votes

How to animate/increase scale of instances on points one by one, using geo nodes?

you can use this nodes setup: to get this: So by using the instance index and the frame, i fill in the map range node to control the from and to value for the frame, and i scale the instances from 0 ...
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3 votes

How to easily access geometry node attributes of parent object within children without using drivers

(Using Blender 3.6.8) Approach Take advantage of Named Attributes stored in Instance domain to expose "public" variables to other objects and to shaders, mimicking Push & Pop operations ...
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2 votes

Can I select and bevel the top edge of the letters in this model?

You could redo the topology this way: Select the faces facing upwards with ShiftG (Select Similar) > Normal: Only keep the top faces, press X > Limited Dissolve to simplify and separate the ...
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2 votes

Modify a segment of a spiral with geometry nodes

If you've generated the spiral yourself inside GN, you can set the Endpoint Selection of Resolution +1 points to the minimum Z of that selection: Of course, you could do the same to the other end, ...
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1 vote

How can I fix the number of repeating unit issue in geometry nodes?

It is all a matter of values which you are combining. Since you use a Volume Cube instead of something simple like a Mesh > Grid for example which lets you exactly define where the points are, it ...
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