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Extrude symmetrically along an axis

Extrude one of the faces along the X axis and then select the other face and press Shift+R to do the same. Then press F9 to bring up the pop up window and change the positive X value to the negative ...
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How to extrude so text comes out smoothly

It looks like bad shading, in Object mode, either: RMB > Shade Flat Or, if you want smooth shading, RMB > Shade Smooth and give a modifier > Normals > Smooth by Angle
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Auto updating blender python scripts working in UPBGE?

I have one working code: ...
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How can I extrude a plane along this circle?

Press Ctrl+C to set the 3D Cursor at World Origin. Set the Transform Pivot Point to 3D Cursor. Prepare the profile of curve you want at a certain radius from the World Origin. Select the Spin Tool ...
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How can I extrude a plane along this circle?

maybe I don't really understand your question, but I will try my best! if you want to make the cowling like in the front, then take the circle, extrude to x or y axis(So it creates a tube) and then ...
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How can I extrude a plane along this circle?

Start with a Cylinder. RX > 90 to turn it on its side and Ctrl-A > Rotation to apply the rotation. In Edit mode, I to inset the end face to the size needed for the propellor shaft then X > ...
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