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Add a text, convert it to curve, remove the "double vertices" so that you got one single line per letter (i did it just for the c, because i was lazy) like you see in C: uncheck cyclic in your curve object add a circle as curve give this circle as bevel object of your text curve result: you might to adjust the circle size and character spacings


You can use the Boolean modifier to indent your shapes. First recalculate the normals of your icon objects (they are flipped and the Boolean won't work). You can simplify the icons with a X > Limited Dissolve but the current topology seems ok. Give your dice a Boolean modifier with the icon as Target. Apply the modifier, move away the icon object. The ...


Change your Transform Orientation to Normal. Remember to change it back to Global for all of your regular stuff. :)


You must have created overlapping vertices by accident. Select all, press M > Merge by Distance, then scale again.


Point has no dimensions, therefore, scaling operator does not work, and extrude generates an edge and point from the existent point. Have you tried to switch to edge or face before apply scale operation?


you've given a Copy Rotation constraint to your head, it will make the head rotate on the same axis as the bone, but head and bone axis are not aligned. Also, it won't make the head follow the armature. What you can do is remove these constraints, select the head for example, shift select the armature, switch it to Pose mode, select the head bone and CtrlP (...


After tapping E for extrude, just type "z" and then you can move it in any direction you want.


I guess it depends on how detailed you want your object to be, if you want to make close-up shots you'll need to take care of this part, if it's not the case you don't need to work this part a lot. You can also fake the bump. But if you want to model it, you can create an edge loop: Then extrude a bit on Y, then a bit on Z: Then add bevels to round the ...


For un extruding use CTRL+Z incase you do it mistakenly. If that doesn't work select extruded face and delete all of vertices. This will remove the extra part of the mesh. PS- Right click doesn't work for un extruding so avoid it in the future.


I found that selecting some of the affected area (or all of the mesh) and going Mesh>Cleanup>Merge by distance fixed my unnecessary edges from extrusions or otherwise. The nice thing is that you can do the cleanup to just the affected area in case there are some parts of the mesh that you dont want to merge edges for... for whatever reason...


If I understand correctly, you want to extrude inwards some faces, to do that you can use AltE > Extrude Manifold: But if you want to keep a good topology you need to create some new edge loops (for example with the knife): Actually a better practice is rather to extrude the other faces outwards (then scale the whole shape on one axis to keep it as ...

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