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Why isn't my mirror modifier working when importing my fbx file into Unreal Engine?

It looks like your normals are inverted, which gives this x-ray effect on the surface towards camera. You can flip the normals with : Go to Edit Mode Tab Select all faces A Alt+N > Recalculate ...
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How to correctly project texture to UV map from 3D scanned object?

So I hope you learned it by now, just stumbled over it to explain for other newbs: brace yourself as "projecting from 3d scan' is not where the journey should start, to.understand what happens. I ...
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How do I stop mmd tools from merging objects upon export?

You don't. .pmx (or .pmd, or .x) and .blend files are each capable of different things, and so support different features. In particular, there is no conception of "separate objects" in a ....
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Glare node outputs black square

I figured it out. The DWAA (lossy) compression caused it. Changing the compression from DWAA (lossy) to zip (lossless) fixed the problem. Either lossy compression gets weird at higher float values or ...
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Blender export causes Substance Painter "Missing seams on hard edges" error

I solved it. I guess the problem was in the new obj export? I downloaded the stable 3.6 Blender version, then imported my model through the old obj import format, selected merged all vertices by ...
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Realize Instances node does not work on Light objects

Sure. Realize instances converts geometry to mesh. But you can't convert lights into mesh. Use Ctrl+A ⇾ Make Instances Real, It will convert lights to real objects, that's can be exported
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Export Tab > Device has a orange BG in blender

I have managed to keyframe the setting Device Setting. a simple Right-click on it and "Delete Keyframe" was the solution
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Blender Not exporting vertex alpha into .glb

Alpha channel for vertex colors is definitely a part of the glTF 2.0 standard, however it is not supported in Blender's glTF exporter yet. Follow the issue on GitHub for updates.
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Mirror Reflection In GLB format

Blender offers two kind of light probes to simulate mirror reflections: Spherical and Planar. The issue when exporting to GLB is that the format does not allow using such kind of probes by default. ...
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Is it possible to export a single object from an entire scene?

In Blender 4.1, this can be done through the following steps: Select your objects Go to File > Export > Click your Export Option As seen in the image below, check Selection Only under Include ...
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Why I'm getting artifacts with normals of exported mesh?

Oh, seems like it's problem with nanite option in unreal engine. So, I suppose question is not related to Blender forum.
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