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How to change default settings for STL export (new one, not legacy)

I haven't found a way to definitely change default settings but if your need is to be able to one click open an export window with custom settings, you can do it using a keymap : Create a keymap to ...
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Scaling animation export from Blender to Unity distorted on some planes

Okay, so for anyone who might have the same problem. I have no idea why this worked (if Unity or .fbx have some size limitation) but this is what helped me: I simply exported the animation in two ...
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Volume type to gltf2.0 issue

The glTF 2.0 format supports volumetric materials via KHR_materials_volume and related extensions KHR_materials_transmission and ...
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How can I use my Blender models in WebGL

You can do this 3 viable ways: Export with the built-in glTF addon bundled with Blender and then use a WebGL library which can load such assets, Three.js for example. This option requires some ...
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