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BPY control what vertex color channel I include in my gltf export

I can confirm clicking the little camera next too the color attribute panel or using bpy's mesh.color_attributes.render_color_index exports with the desired Vertex color. Thanks to scurest for the ...
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How to properly export blender objects with children into unity

Untick 'Use Space Transform' and use '-Y Forward' and 'Z Up' in Blender FBX export settings: If you are also exporting Armatures, set the Primary Bone Axis to -Y and Secondary Bone Axis to -X: In ...
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How do I change order of these materials?

As Duarte says, Materials are listed alphabetically, you need to rename them
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Change the extension in the textfield based on dropdown

ExportHelper is a mix-in-class to simplify some preselections passed to the Filebrowser, but not good for manipulating an active one. The FileBrowser itself is a tricky thing because it uses several ...
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