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1 vote

Blender doesn't bake inverse kinemtaics on .glb export for Godot

Nevermind, I figured out the issue. I had to re-enable sampling, otherwise the IK wouldn't work, and then I turned on "reset bones between actions", along with "Optimize animations"...
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1 vote

Problems with the materials when trying to export as FBX mesh

The problem is the dot/period (.) in the names of the images. In Blender, object names must be unique. When you duplicate an object (mesh, bone, image, etc.), Blender adds a dot with an ascending ...
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1 vote

Export vertex colors (color attributes) of Protein Model to .usd file to present in Keynote

The name of the color attribute in blender is used as the name for the primitive variable in the USD file. The reserved name for vertex colors in the USD is displayColor. Try changing the name of the ...
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