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Do not set it to 100% compressed, set it to 0. Compression reduces picture quality in order to reduce file size. Uncompressed is better. To be honest,the design here is not as intuitive as it is in other graphics programs.


The grass uses a procedural texture (Noise Texture node). You can't export procedural textures. All the nodes work only inside of Blender. You need an image texture. The use of the Principled BSDF just tells the exporter which standard slots are used (diffuse, normal, roughness, metal, etc) and which image textures are assigned. If you want to export a ...


The glTF (.gltf or .glb) format includes a metal/rough PBR material that does support metalness and roughness properties — either values or textures — like you're describing. In Blender, you'll want to choose the Principled BSDF material, configure those properties, and export. The Blender glTF documentation has more details on which material configurations ...


I solved it! It was a very stupid and simple mistake. When I looked closely in the render viewport I could see that the chin was actually transparent. It could be seen more clearly though when moved to another background layer. The problem was I had a transparent BSDF in my shader. After disconnecting it, everything looks fine. Thanks for you efforts trying ...

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