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Exporting Animation of non-rigged object

The ideal way is to rig it first, then to animate it. Even if you rig it now, it will be a bit hard to transfer the animation back to the rig. Whether the animation can work as is or not, depends on ...
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Making sense of the FBX export settings in Blender when the FBX files are imported to Unity

Well, this is basically not a Blender question (so it will likely be closed) but I guess a lot of people have this confusion when using Blender export, so I'll answer it here. Have a look (in Unity) ...
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What does accuracy mean under render audio?

From the documentation alone, I would think that it affects how the audio is treated before encoding, which would explain the difference in processing time with equal final file size. The operator ...
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Iterate through list of files & run script

Something like that should work. I assume you want to import gltf but you can swap the importer and extension quite easily. ...
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