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Addon works just fine from text editor, but failing to enabling from add-ons preferences

When you run a script in a text editor, you can access in the register function at that time. But in the add-on, when you open blender, the ...
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Automatic actions after starting addon?

Addons are first loaded in a restricted Context where no view_layer exists that's why you get thrown that error. Instead, you can execute your script within a ...
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The head moves without the hair, eyes and hat

Select the hair, shift select the rig, go to pose mode, select the head bone, Ctrl P > Bone. Repeat for all others objects, choosing an appropriate bone (depending on how the rig is built). BTW the ...
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Why Mesh Keeps Deforming with Bones that do not Deform?

Hover the mis-deformed area, and type ⎈ Ctrl⇧ ShiftX to sample the groups affecting this area. From there, you can select the groups that you don't want to affect that area, and paint them to zero.
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Parent -> child wobbling, witching, shaking inverse kinematics

It appears that the farther from the center of the scene the less correct are the child-parent calculations. Had to move the entire scene closer to the center, and problem dissapeared. Ufff....
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