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How to add a driver to a shape key and modify the fcurves through Blender python?

So I figured out how to reference the driver's fcurve to add points through fcurve.keyframe_points.insert(0,0). Please be aware the keyframe_points.insert function doesn't return a proper reference ...
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How do I link to objects movement with each other?

As mentioned in comments, you can use a driver to do that. 1- Select Cube2, right click on its Z coordinate and add a driver. Open the driver editor window, and 2- Use Cube1 and its Z rotation as ...
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How to replicate `%` operator in simple driver expressions?

I know that the topic is closed, but I want to add something for future readers, cause I found a simple solution to use modulos in a Blender scripted expression. So maybe that can help ? Replace ...
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How can I have multiple driver set-ups over one duplicated node group?

If you need controllable inputs it is worth considering replacing Color Ramp nodes with something else. For example, the one in your hard shadow example can simply be replaced by Map Range node that ...
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How can I have multiple driver set-ups over one duplicated node group?

You may want to use custom properties on your individual objects and use them with an Attribute node set to Object type. Something like that. All Suzannes share the same material.
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