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Select the rig model by pressing A in your keyboard the rig will get highlighted in orange in blender 2.8.3 that means everything is selected. right click outside the model but in the same panel ex : 3DViewport. press "I" to insert keyframe. it works for blender 2.8.3.


You could more easily do it through the Graph Editor: open the Graph Editor, select the track that you want to repeat indifinitely, for example the X Location track, open the right panel with N, add a Cycles modifier and in the After dropdown menu choose the Repeat with Offset otion. Do the same operation for the Y Location track as your object move on both ...


Action Blending can be achieve by keyframing "Animation Influence" property in the Animation Data panel of the NLA Editor. On toggling the property ON ,one can set influence values in normalized values of respective Actions in the Graph editor. In the 100 frame animation below, the cube translate action moves the cube from -10 to 10 X-units and ...

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