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How can I duplicate an object in an animation?

As Bes Thomas says, the duplicated objects have inherited their action from the original, it may be the same action or a copy, depending on your preferences settings. To fix it, it all depends on what ...
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How can I duplicate an object in an animation?

I think what might be happening (although its hard to tell without the file) is that your object has animation data, and when you hit 'play' it is snapping back to the position key framed. When you ...
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Show only specific transforms in timeline/graph editor

I know this is a slightly old thread now but just in case anyone else comes this way looking for the same answer I was. You can just type thee graph your want in the filter and it will only show that ...
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Can I have Groups in Dope Sheet?

I am posting a partial answer. But waiting to see if there is an alternative. I can show only elements in a collection on the "Filter" dropdown. It is not ideal because I want sometimes to ...
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How can I "stretch" the time for timeline markers

⚠️ This post is created with the help of an artificial intelligence. This script is written by ChatGPT. Addon's were edited by me. I tested them and they work for me as intended, but I can't guaranty ...
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