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If you use the Shader to RGB node combined with Greater Than node. You can differentiate between light and shadow to create a cell-shading effect. Simply add a texture to the original Diffuse BSDF, to texture the transition between light and shadow. This is how the effect looks in motion. You can sharpen or smoothen the shadows edge by decreasing the ...


Open the sidebar in the compositor N Open the View tab Increase the Zoom property in the Backdrop panel. Alternatively you can use Fit to fit the background image into the view or Reset Backdrop to reset the offset and zoom.


One challenging aspect of this effect is that the strength of the color shift increase with the distance from the object that is in focus. This is solved in the compositor by using the depth and a user supplied distance that is considered in focus, to calculate the intensity of the applied color shift. Before After Unfortunately the color shift produces ...


This is not a bug, it's simply the current limit because the underlying data type is short. You can retrieve the upper and lower limit for the property through bpy.context.scene.node_tree.nodes["Time"].bl_rna.properties["frame_end"].hard_max and bpy.context.scene.node_tree.nodes["Time"].bl_rna.properties["frame_end"].hard_min which are 32767 and -32768 ...

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