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Initialize totally empty background instance of Blender

Put this at the head of your script. bpy.ops.object.select_all(action='SELECT') bpy.ops.object.delete()
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How to open system console to get output from Blender on Mac OS 10?

Without creating a new application with Applescript and all, you can just create a shell script with the '.command' extension. The extension makes it clickable, which opens a console and executes the ...
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blender cannot be started from command line / wrong path in environment variables?

The problem is that you changed the environment variables for User 2 but the console window is started by user chris (different user context). My guess is that you're logged in as chris but when you ...
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How can I tell Blender not to quit after finishing my script

You can python input() method. I use it for debugging Blender Python scripts both in CLI mode or GUI mode of running Blender. ...
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Render from command line different (and bad) compared to render from GUI

I get the same issue with Eevee, Certain get left out/don't get evaluated when rendering through command line. There are no options to specify what process to render for Eevee. many animated textures ...
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