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Keymap warnings when using the "Industry Compatible" keymap on Blender 4.0

The warning tells what's wrong, so when you navigate to Edit > Preferences > Keymap > Grease Pencil > Grease Pencil Global you will see that there are no keys mapped at all which causes ...
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Invalid drivers aren't shown and can't be deleted

Open the Driver Editor window, press Right Click, and on the menu select Delete all Invalid Drivers. This will solve your problem.
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Console Window not displaying Japanese characters

The console window which you can also open with "cmd" in Windows uses a font called "Consolas" nowadays. This font does not support Japanese characters. Changing the font for the ...
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Blender player lauched by command line

If you take a look here or here or execute the command blenderplayer -h, you can check the list you are looking for. usage: ...
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Blender doesn't recognize '-P' or '--python' command line argument when called with

Made a test script on my own: ...
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