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The colors are stying same with the from duplicated object

This shows one cube with a material on it and a duplicated one beside it. If you look on the Material tab, you'll see that the same material is used by both cubes. (The 2 beside the Material name.) ...
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Grease Pencil colours appear darker than Base Colour (lights are off)

I never really noticed before, but yes default Blender does this. It's not the grease pencil, it's the render settings adjusting your colours slightly. I believe it's because your View Transform ...
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why is my color picker value slider giving me odd values? custom color property in custom node

Since the values are unlimited, the slider just moves too fast from black to white. I guess it gets stuck in the middle because it wasn't meant to be used with unlimited range of values. Set ...
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The colors are stying same with the from duplicated object

To add to John's answer, if your objects are link-duplicated (they share the same mesh) you need to go into the Material panel and click on Object to separate their material:
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