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How to hide collision shape lines in viewport?

It looks like it is not possible even with python. According to ChatGPT :) there is not an API to controlle visibility of collision_shape component. As workaround I wanted to change Theme of 3D ...
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Deforming a mesh with a rigged hand

It's going to depend heavily on the details of the shapes involved, the quality required, whether you're making a still or an animation. Before looking at options, we should talk first about topology. ...
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What's wrong with Blender physics simulator?

Blender's rigid body physics are based on game-engine physics. They are built for good performance, with a minimal number of intuitive parameters, for results that look pretty much right in contexts ...
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blender cloth simulation not simulating properly with collision

Go to the Collision object, go to physics, change thickness to 0.005. That should help solve the puff up.
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Cloth falls inside object rather than on top

In Collision tab, Softbody and Cloth menu, check Override Normals, than the sheet will stay on the top. (Moreover, when you uncheck the Override Normals again, the sheet will stay on the top.)
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how to avoid collision while paper folding

You need to add topology, you need at least 2 edges where the topology is supposed to fold:
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