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How can I get the `session_uid` used by the Bake geometry node using Python?

You can get this id from the object: bpy.context.active_object.id_data.session_uid
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2 votes

How to achieve Hi-Lo Normalmap bakes with the new RayPortal BSDF

There is now a baking example on the original pull request that contains a setup for baking tangent space normal maps. Looking at your setup one thing I noticed was that the edges are only split after ...
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1 vote

Bake after Principle BSDF

Only Textools, not Blender, needs a material to finish by a Principled BSDF. And this requirement does not mean you have to put a Principled BSDF at the end of any material that doesn't have one: it's ...
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Lighting only bakes to a part of mesh

Check if there are hidden or disabled in viewports objects in the scene. Press Alt + H. Check the orientation of the mesh ...
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