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Basically you have set it so transformations only affect the origin of the object, to disable this setting, go to Options then disable Origins There is also a very similar looking thing that one can accidentally enable under Gizmos > Object Gizmos


In Edit mode, "Align View to Active" will align your view to the active selection's LOCAL axes.


I can't get snap-to-face to work the way I would expect in 2.83beta, either.. The shipped TinyCAD add-on is one option, for this one.. Activate TinyCAD (Assuming source and target are part of the same object) Select 1 face, 1 edge Use TinyCad's Extend Edge to Face (Maybe with Automerge switched on) GG slide the source vertex down the extended edge, all the ...


To put objects back into World origin, you need to reset their transforms. You can do it for both Donut and Icing at once. Shift Drop the Icing onto the Donut in the outliner. So they move together. Select your Donut and clear all transforms one by one. This will put both in center. Select Icing and clear Parent relationship (Alt+P). Then go Object > Apply >...


A script to do this Used as answer to Calculating and exporting global rotation of faces created from splitting an isosphere (possible dupe?) thought it would be good here too Shows origin and local orientation of one split off face Adds an icosphere, edge splits, separates and returns to object mode Selected objects are the result of separate modifier. ...

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