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How to remove unwanted artifacts at borders of Cycles-rendered images?

You can use a cube, smooth shaded, with the following shader, and bake it: Using "normal" instead of "reflection" should work the same, I think. Same thing if you subdivide the ...
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How can I get rid of these artefacts?

These are not artifacts, they are a display of how the base mesh is being deformed by a Subdivision Surface modifier. If you disable the modifier or go into edit mode, you will see the base mesh again....
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Cycles issue - Edges of the mesh show on some parts of model

Alright, in case someone comes across the same issue: The model is for a project where the position of the objects comes from QGIS, geolocated on a terrain model. Because of the surveyed terrain is ...
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Strange artefacts when using Decimate modifier

I had a similar issue that I can only guess was caused by un-normalized normals. When drawing them they were pointing in the right direction but lighting was clearly broken. The fix for me was in edit ...
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What's wrong with my front face only option?

It's a shot in the dark but have you checked if your face orientation is correct? You can flip them by selecting your geometry, going into Edit Mode under the Top Bar Menu Mesh > Normals > Flip....
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