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this post is old but I recently encountered the problem. If you still have the error in Painter after making sure you have only one object exported, try to apply any modifier you have going on on the object before exporting. In my case, a Collision modifier I used for a cloth simulation was the problem.


That color only indicate that Blender cannot find a texture map. Has been moved to a different location The connection is lost If there are more than one texture image if you reload the texture looking in the proper folder, Blender will update the rest of the texture locations.


You need to flip the normals of your eye faces, Blender will show you both sides of the faces, but in a game engine you'll only see the side with normal.


I'm not sure exactly what's causing this to work, but if i bake a new animation with the skeleton (output properties and such set to desired frame length, it will create a new animation. If i go into the NLA editor, push down the action as an NLA strip, then head over to the action clip section in the N menu, select my newly baked clip, go to the outliner ...

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