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Nevermind, just got into blender manual, seems like armature instances are not supported for fbx export. If anyone wants to know more go here:


It's looks like a bone limit issue for me. Try to set a different value (more than 1 bone) in Skin Weights in Edit -> Project Settings:


Export all objects of a certain collection Pretty much straight forward. Just pass use_active_collection=True argument when calling export_scene.fbx() operator and assemble your filepath using import bpy C = bpy.context bpy.ops.export_scene.fbx( filepath=bpy.path.abspath("//{}.fbx".format(, ...


It is because you didn't apply rotation and scale. So select that object (just the part which flies away) and press CTRL-A and then "rotation & scale". Then export and import again -> works ...und Oma kann auch wieder besser sitzen ;)

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