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Shape Keys export to FBX (for 3Ds Max)

I solved the problem... To export shape keys from Blender file as FBX: 1- Select the objects you want to export and go to the export menu and choose Collada (.dae). Check "Include Shape Keys"...
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fbx export destroys the bone direction

If I display all the bone layers, and export only the armature object, the imported armature doesn't seem broken: It has all the bones present in the original, they seem in the same place, aside from ...
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Mixamo doesn't give animations

I just made an account because I couldn't find an answer for this anywhere else, and after some messing around I found a solution, so I thought I'd share. The problem with the animation only having ...
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How do I set scale when exporting to FBX for Unreal Engine 4?

SOLUTION! May 17th 2023: "How to solve the issue of blender exported skeletal meshes importing at tiny size" (Using Blender Version: 3.5.1, Unreal Editor Version: 5.1.1-23901901+++UE5+...
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version 6100 unsupported must be 7100 or later error!

Simple solution: just open the FBX file in a 3D viewer (there should be one in Windows by default), then just save it as glTF and then you should be able to import that file into Blender.
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Transfer clothes from one 3d character to another

Maybe you should try with the Sculpt tools? You can mask the parts you want with the Mask brush, so that they are not affected. You can inflate (or deflate) the parts you want with the Mesh Filter ...
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