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If you export seperate EXR frames there is no framerate data in your EXR files (to my knowledge). You can set your Davinci to 30 fps and should then have the same speed as in blender. I have done the same in Premiere many times. The jerkyness might just be that you have to render the image sequence first before you can see a smooth result. Also the same in ...


I had the same problem. I noticed that when I created a new image to bake to, I'd left off the .png. I just created a new image and included the .png at the end and I was good to go.


You need to set up your output color management to whatever is your final target. When you rendered as EXR, your target was editing, so you needed high bit depth data, hence using Filmic or Linar color spaces. But now that you are working to get your final image, you want something that is aimed to be displayed on regular screens as is. And you will most ...


As you can see on the node, you have the choice between Render and Image, that is because the node works in different ways when you use a Render Layer node or an external image sequence. So push down the Image button. Then you will have to manually load up the image sequence, manually set the Frames and Start Frame (just mimic what you have in the Image ...

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