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How to texture a rooftop

I am trying to reproduce this rooftop, but I have some trouble.

enter image description here

I tried with a "clouds" texture to create the random dirt, but it looks more like waves in the ocean.

I tried with a more dirty ground, like the one I found here :

enter image description here

I tried to recreate the dirt myself, it looks good only when it is one image. But once it is in Blender, the texture is repeated and it gives a bad repeated effect. So I tried another version with light gray and blue, and the map effect, so that we don't see the borders, but it is too simple :

enter image description here

Would you have some tips for me? The texture will be large enough to fill the size of the rooftop, and the view will be close to the ground, so I must add some details as if we were close to the ground.


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