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Markus von Broady
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How do I Iterate over vertices to perform operation on them and connected verts

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enter image description here

In my object I have a number of those kind of objects that represent road intersections.

  1. I want a way to iterate through the vertices and find all intersections (any vertex that has 3 or more other vertices connected to it. All these vertices will go into "Intersections" vertex group.

Solution for Part 1:

import bpy

# Assuming you have your object selected in the scene
obj = bpy.context.active_object

# Create an empty vertex group to store intersections
intersections_group ="Intersections")

# Iterate through all vertices
for vert in
    connected_verts = []
    for edge in
        if vert.index in edge.vertices:
    connected_verts = set(connected_verts)

#Check if the vertex is an intersection (3 or more connected vertices)
if len(connected_verts) >= 3:
    intersections_group.add([vert.index], 1.0, 'REPLACE')
  1. Out of each Intersection, I want to separate each possible set of 3 vertices, in this example - I want it to end up with those in the picture below and then be able to perform an operation on each of those, or put each one into its own vertex group. enter image description here
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