Do you really need all those addons?

That seems neither productive nor beneficial for performance. Having many addons may eventually have a significant toll on responsiveness and available resources.

Features are often grouped for certain steps or stages of a project. You may notice you only need certain addons for certain tasks or worflows, maybe even use a few of them simultaneously in groups, but not at the same time as some other.

If that is the case you can set up workspaces dedicated to certain tasks where you will pick a few addons you generally use in tandem relevant for that task (say modeling, animating, shading etc.).

Once created you can take advantage per workspace addon filters. In the *3D View Toolshelf*, (expand it with the <kbd>N</kbd> key) go to the *Tools* tab, *Workspace* panel, activate *Filter Addons*.

There you can pick which addons are active for that specific workspace. Choose only the relevant ones for those particular tasks you generally do in that workspace.

[![enter image description here][1]][1]

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