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Can Blender render pngs with the background transparent?

I would like to render an animation as a series of .png images with transparent backgrounds for use in a video. Is this possible?
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Why does the zoom sometimes stop at a point?

I often find that I can zoom in to a point, but then cannot zoom any more, even when there is a lot of room to zoom to the meshes on the scene. This is particularly annoying in the following ...
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6 answers

How to close view windows?

I would like to close some view windows that I opened accidentally. See the image below: Edit: another note: I tried searching for the solution, but only found things like "Join Area", which don't ...
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4 answers

Change pivot or local origin of an object

How can I change the local origin of an object, without changing the object location in the world space. This is the object located at position (0,0,0) in the world space This is the same object ...
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10 answers

What's the quickest, easiest way to point the camera somewhere in blender?

Often I want to just point the camera to an object or a specific area in my scene to get an idea of how it'll look in the render. What's the most painless hassle-free way to do this in blender? A ...
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Splitting pieces of a mesh into a new object

I've just made a set of armor by using a male body mesh model I downloaded and selecting certain faces from the model and duplicating them to create viable armor pieces. Since the pieces are just ...
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18 answers

Resources for Blender

Since asking for tutorials, videos, resources, links to other content or downloads is considered off topic here, this is a specifically created Community Wiki which gathers resources for Blender and ...
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4 answers

Add different materials to different parts of a mesh?

How do you add more than one material to a mesh? I have tried adding two materials to the object, and then assigning one of the materials to a vertex-group, but I could not find a place to assign it....
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4 answers

How can I make a camera the active one?

I have multiple cameras in a scene. What I want to do is to change which one is active. This way I can view the scene from different angles. How would I do this?
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137 votes
5 answers

How to recenter an object's origin?

So, I'm working creating a lamp... yes, newbie here. After modeling for a bit, I noticed that my point of origin was no longer the center of my object: How to I reset an object origin point to the ...
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10 answers

How to focus on the selected object?

In Maya if we have an object selected and we press F then the object is brought into focus and if no object is selected then all the objects in the scene are brought into focus. How can this be done ...
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121 votes
2 answers

Render with a wider dynamic range in cycles to produce photorealistic looking images

To get images that seem more photorealistic, not only a much wider Dynamic Range is needed, but also having the color information desaturate towards white as it would happen in an overexposed ...
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114 votes
11 answers

How can I pause a render in progress and then resume it at a later time?

I would like to pause a render that I have started, with the intention of resuming it at a later time (but during the same Blender session). How can I do this?
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1 answer

What is a BSDF?

The term "BSDF" is common in Cycles shaders such as "Diffuse BSDF" and "Glass BSDF" but is not present in all names ("Emission" and "Mix Shader" are two such examples). What exactly is a BSDF?
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5 answers

What is non-manifold geometry?

I am not quite sure what non-manifold geometry is. I thought non-manifold geometry was just floating vertices and hole in a mesh. From my experience this is not always the case however. What is non-...
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7 answers

Precisely move the 3D cursor

The 3D cursor can be moved by simply LMB clicking anywhere in the viewport. Is there a faster and easier way to position the 3D cursor?
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96 votes
3 answers

Enabling GPU rendering for Cycles?

I want to enable GPU rendering, but there is no option in User Preferences > System: Why is this? How can I get cycles to render using my GPU?
95 votes
8 answers

Where does console output go

I'm trying to debug a Python script by placing a print("foo=" + foo) statement in my code. But where does the output appear? It doesn't appear on the Python ...
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3 answers

Add the Same Modifier to Multiple Objects at Once?

Is it possible to add a modifier to more than one mesh at once? I have a lot of unique objects, and I want to set a subdivide modifier to them, would I have to do each one individually? I have ...
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92 votes
4 answers

How can I run blender from command line or a python script without opening a GUI?

I'm interested in using Blender for producing images, 3d files, or calculating geometry on a server. Can I make blender run a python script without opening a GUI? If not, can I incorporate Blender's ...
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91 votes
7 answers

How to smooth shade an object while retaining hard edges?

I frequently come to the problem of having a mesh with parts I would like to render smooth and "hard" edges connecting them. How can I set the mesh to show the sharp edges but render everything else ...
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88 votes
6 answers

How do I completely remove an image from my .blend file?

I'm creating a model for a 3D game that will eventually be exported using a custom Python script. This model makes heavy use of UV textures. However, the project now references a bunch of images that ...
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88 votes
2 answers

How is Cycles different from Blender Internal?

How does Cycles work and how is it different from Blender Internal? Which is better?
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86 votes
9 answers

How to avoid noisy renders in Cycles?

I know that this question is a bit old or maybe overdone, but I'm running the latest edition of Blender and when I use the Cycles engine I get really fuzzy results and I can't find a simple, non-...
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2 answers

How to close/open a view panel

I can't find a way to close a view panel, in particular the horizontal at the bottom, is pretty useless to me at this moment.
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3 answers

How can I quickly generate / create a large city without modeling it all by hand?

I am trying to create an urban open-world environment in Blender that would be about one square kilometre in size. To avoid having to model hundred of individual buildings, I am looking for a way to ...
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5 answers

How would you cut a shape out of an object using another object?

Coming from SketchUp one of the tools I miss most is the circle draw tool which lets you draw a circle on any face and then you could extrude it in/out. The only tool that I know of that comes close ...
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4 answers

How do I set a background image while I am editing?

How do I put a backdrop behind the model that I am creating so that I can compare the picture to the model while editing?
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79 votes
5 answers

What is the difference between a UV Sphere and an Icosphere?

When working with or adding meshes, I've seen UV Spheres and Icospheres being presented to me. What are the differences between them, when should either be used and is there anything I should take ...
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9 answers

How can I remove all unused materials from a .blend file?

I'm testing different materials in the same object, and finally the file has a lot of unnecessary material, is there any command that performs the cleaning of these materials automatically? in short, ...
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4 answers

Is it possible to make Blender a Y-up world?

After learning bits and pieces of Maya, 3DS Max, IMAGINE and XSI I noticed that they all have Y-up worlds with Z being used for depth (naturally). is there a way to make Blender a Y-up world? and ...
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22 answers

What's the fastest and / or craziest way to model an arrow in Blender?

I'm curious about all the ways you can come up with a solution. I'm searching for the way with the least clicks and maybe the two runner ups. I made up some rules on how to count them: A default ...
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2 answers

How can I reuse existing materials, objects, etc from an existing .blend?

I have created several designs for a particular project and they are related, but I don't want to have to keep recreating any similar elements, such as shared materials or textures. How can I use the ...
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73 votes
9 answers

How can I add vertices to intersection of two edges?

I need to put a point at the intersection of two edges. Below is a picture with red circles around where I need points to be placed.
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71 votes
4 answers

Render just part of a final image from Cycles?

I'm using an older Nvidia chip that hates running viewport renders, and I need to check if changes to the materials on a few objects not far from the center of my scene are (I'm rendering a floorplan ...
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4 answers

When should N-Gons be used, and when shouldn't they?

Support for N-Gons (polygons consisting of more than 4 vertices) has been in Blender for a while now, but many of us still may not know when to use them, and how to do so effectively. In what ...
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71 votes
6 answers

Is there a tool for scientific visualization using Blender?

Is there an interface or API that allows using Blender as a tool for mathematical and scientific visualization? It should allow Blender to read in data (a la gnuplot or matlab, perhaps using scipy) ...
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10 answers

Using 3rd party Python modules

I'm currently developing a script for Blender to handle Mesh Frequency Decomposition. The script is nearly complete, but i need one more thing: The SciPy library to compute eigenvalues and ...
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5 answers

How to reset the center of rotation of the 3d view when it is not the center of the view

Sometimes the 3d view rotation using the 3rd mouse button starts to rotate around an unusual point that is not very convenient. I don't know why it starts doing this, but it usually starts when I'm ...
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69 votes
3 answers

Keep sharp edges when using subdivision surface

How can I use the subdivision surface modifier to create more high poly meshes without ruining sharp edges? For example this mesh The sphere should be subdivided but the rim of the cylinder should ...
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5 answers

How to pass command line arguments to a Blender Python script?

Let's say we have a Python script that does some data processing with Blender. This script accepts some arguments (e.g. ...
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6 answers

Cutting a mesh in half

I have a mesh which I have imported from an OBJ file. I would like to apply Material A to the section of the mesh which is on one side of a given plane, and apply Material B to the section of the mesh ...
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2 answers

Where can the viewport clipping parameters be changed?

Zooming in to inspect texture details in 3D view clips some closer faces like shown in the image. It's not the camera view so changing camera settings doesn't help. Where can the distance to the ...
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3 answers

How do I put an image texture on a material in Cycles?

I am creating a model of a glass and I would like to put a drawing on it (a png picture). I know how to do it using Blender Render, but not with Cycles Render. Help :)
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2 answers

How do blender units and meters, feet, or yards correlate?

If I'm using blender game engine, how do blender units work in relation to gravity, acceleration, or weight? Is there a rough physical world equivalent?
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1 answer

How do I "parent" objects?

I'm looking for a way to have two separate objects be connected, so that when I move the first object the second one will move also. The term parent is used, but how do I parent a object?
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5 answers

Is it possible to group several objects and then manipulate them (scale, rotate, translate) as one?

I've never been quite able to figure out how groups work in Blender (at least not since 2.5/6x). Is it possible to group several objects and then manipulate them (scale, rotate, translate) as one?
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63 votes
2 answers

Creating a Black Hole in Blender

I recently saw the film Interstellar and it was fantastic! The effects blew me away and it got me in the mood to try and re create the black hole, however I haven't been able to find any information ...
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Trace visualisation in 3D - how to wrap curves onto a 3D mesh

Dear Stack Exchange Community, i'm trying to achieve the following effect with curves: Source of this image is here:'s user avatar
62 votes
3 answers

Why does part of my model disappear when I zoom in on it in the 3D Viewport?

I'm having an odd issue - When I try to zoom in on a detail using my MMB, the "camera" in the 3D view seems to be cutting off the exterior surface of my object and showing me the inside instead. I'd ...
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