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Use this tags for questions about operations performed on objects when they are in vertex-paint-mode, rather than any of the other modes, such as edit, sculpt and weight painting.

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Only paint the paint mask selected faces in vertex paint

I'm using the latest blender stable build: 3.5, in past versions it worked fine to just activate paint mask, and it only painted the selected face. Now, it suddenly stopped working with the latest ...
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Vertex Paint Alpha Channel - Paint Exact Value

I'm currently making use of the full RGBA components of vertex paint, where RGB stands for color and A for blend height inside a shader. The shader basically uses alpha 0.0 to 1.0 to set different ...
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Can you view vertex colors by channel?

Is there built-in way to view vertex colors by channel within vertex paint mode? I'm trying to use RGB channels for different world position offsets in Unreal Engine. I was hoping to see a feature ...
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Export vertex colors in a mesh with no faces?

Basically, what I'm trying to do is export some kind of custom per-vertex data from blender. The closest thing I've found is: according to this post, blender can extend the .obj format to include ...
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Single vertex still has weight on it despite not showing anything in weight paint mode?

So when I move certain bones theres always a single vertex that moves and no matter how much I try to subtract paint it does nothing. Not sure how to fix this or why it even happens. Could it be ...
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Some vertices move and are not smooth in pose mode and weight paint

I don't know why the vertices has changed. Although when I went out to look at the original edit mode. There was nothing wrong. This happens only in the right hand. Previously, I had weighted in the ...
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Vertex Paint NOT based off geometry/ vertices?

I want to vertex paint on a model but when I want to paint a blank face, it does this: I understand Vertex paint uses VERTICES, but where there are smooth faces (and lack of vertices) am I just SOL?
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vertex paint not very efficient in python, blender stops working

Imagine you have the following situation: you want to color the vertices relative to a certain vertex group x in red. I used the following function the problem is that it is not very efficient in fact ...
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Vertex Paint doesn't paint properly

Blender 3.1 When I paint on the main model, paint shows up only on preview(I'm not sure about the actual term tho) Thank you in advance!!
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Vertex paint does it have any use?

Can I bake vertex painted models into flat textures to export in other programs? If not what exactly is the use of vertex painting mode?
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Vertex texture painting does not work because of scale

When I want to vertex texture paint I can't paint anything. I can paint other objects in the same scene until I scale an object. Apply scale does also not work. I just want a simple vertex texture ...
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Vertex Painting not showing up

Hey all I am a bit of a blender noob and am trying to figure out why my painted vertex color is not showing up. I have created a Material and created a vertex color node in my shader graph with the ...
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scultpure changes every time I try to paint

so I am new to blender and I have been trying for days to get vertex paint to work on my sculpted object. Ive followed multiple tutorials but it just wont show up. UPDATE:so now I am able to draw on ...
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Why is my vertex painting sometimes working and sometimes not working?

I'm vertex painting another texture onto my mesh plane, sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't. There are solid black lines in the background, the vertex painting works as expected. However, in some ...
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