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Questions about using and managing different versions of Blender, past present and future. Use this tag for upgrade questions, installation questions, etc.

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Blender release life cycle and versioning

I was trying some older versions but version numbers and release versions are not clear to me. For instance how can I know what is the most stable release of a given version, say 2.49: The folder ...
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Why does Blender 2.68 appear to still be 2.67b? [closed]

When I download 2.68, unzipped it and then opened Blender, I got the 2.67b splash screen. I am on x64 Windows 7. I am a bit confused. Which version of Blender have I actually got, and how can I tell ...
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Why is the "render engine" selection menu missing?

The dropdown menu to select the render engine (e.g. "Cycles", "Blender Internal", "Blender Game") isn't showing up: I compiled Blender myself (SVN r56975), and although I've enabled ...
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Do .blend files store information on which version of Blender they were created in?

I'd like to know if a .blend file contains information about the version of Blender it was saved from. I have couple of old files and I'd like to open them in ...
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Is there a way to find out what is in the latest build?

The release logs document the new features after a version has been released. Is there a page which lists what of the announced features is already included in the latest build ? I can't wait to ...
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Is there a way to update Blender without deleting it and downloading the new version?

I like to stay up with the latest version of Blender. I use Blender on my Macbook Pro and it is kind of a pain to update Blender because you have to delete it and then re-download it. This isn't a ...
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Is there a build of Blender that only has the video editor enabled?

Seeing as the video editor has become as powerful as it is, it would be great to use it as a stand alone video editor. Does such a build exist?
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How to build and submit Mac builds to Graphicall?

I've used a few of the custom builds on Graphicall, and I'd like to give back by helping contribute some back. I've got a Mac, which is a bit of an underdog in terms of building submitted, and I've ...
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