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Questions about the correct use of terminology for Blender and 3D.

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convert OBJ file to GLTF with only CLI [duplicate]

is there a simple TERMINAL ONLY way to convert an .obj file .gltf file using blender, with blender GUI i can do it like, file > import > .obj > [~/path/to/input.obj] > import .obj then:...
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What does "self lit" mean, and why is it a good thing?

I've seen some artists post scenes they describe as "self lit" [1],[2]. What does this mean, and why is it desirable?
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"Parent to" - confusing and misleading

I've long thought that the expression "Parent to" is being used in an inverse manner. If I "Parent A to B" I make A the parent to B and B the child of A, but I often hear the expression being used to ...
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What are subsurface modifiers?

Using version 2.78c, hash e92f235283. Following instructions in "Beginning Bender" by Flavell, 2010. I have opened Modifiers, but have not found any modifiers referred to as subsurface modifiers.
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What does abbreviations like DEF, MCH, CTRL, WGT stands for in rigging?

I often download the .blend files with the rigged characters. There are some abbreviations like DEF, MCH, CTRL, WGT in front of the bone's names (like e.g. MCH-counter_spin). I guess what all of them ...
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What are the node plugs called?

To help me communicate better what is the correct name for node attachment points?
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What does unwrapping a model do and why is it important?

I am trying to learn how to make small games, and every time I watch a video it says that we need to unwrap it, but they never fully explain what unwrapping does or why we do it. Is it necessary when ...
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What are face normals?

I've seen the term Normal being used in many places, but I'm not quite sure what it is or what it's used for; what exactly are they?
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What's the difference between addons, plugins and builds?

These words are often used in reference to new features that aren't in blender by default, but are they all the same thing?
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What is the difference between a rigid body object and a dynamic object?

What is the difference between a rigid body object and a dynamic object, aside from the fact that rigid body objects can rotate and move based on physical stimuli, and dynamic objects can move but ...
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What is the difference between an edge loop and an edge ring?

I've heard the terms "edge ring" and "edge loop". What do they mean and how are they different?
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What does the F in front of brush names mean?

What does the F in front of brush names in the selector stand for? This question may seem a little trivial, but it always made me wonder..
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How exactly does the Sigma parameter affect the Velvet shader?

How does the Sigma value of the Cycles Velvet BSDF shader work? Intuitively, it seems to serve as some sort of ceiling value for the shading. How does it affect the light bouncing? I've looked at the ...
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Why does Blender have the Z-axis up but is the depth-pass actually called a Z-pass?

I understand what it does, but it doesn't make sense. The terms used might be confusing for new users.
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What is a BSDF?

The term "BSDF" is common in Cycles shaders such as "Diffuse BSDF" and "Glass BSDF" but is not present in all names ("Emission" and "Mix Shader" are two such examples). What exactly is a BSDF?
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