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Update preferences when working with application template

I have setup 3.6 LTS with application templates. One for production, one with minimal addons and a factory default one. As described in the Blender docs, those template files are stored in the script ...
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Can application templates be used to modify splash screen only?

I'm trying to modify only the splash screen via app templates, while maintaining the users prefs and startup for each user (studio environment). The documentation makes it seem possible as mentioned ...
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multiple template_preview flickering issue

I have been working on a panel that contains a list of textures and additional information. This is for rendering a garment with multiple textures. The main idea is to facilitate non-3D users to load ...
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Custom .blend file completely not working as expected

So I created a custom .blend file, named it "startup.blend" and put it into a custom-named folder in the ...
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What is "Custom Nodes" scripting template doing?

I'm playing with Python templates and I can't figure out what running the "Custom Nodes" template does. Can anyone help? Where can I see the result of running it? Which part of code tells me ...
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3d object to 2d template

I have a 3d model of a chair in a .dae format I want to convert it in its real dimensions and print its surfaces in paper so I can use it as templates. Since its my first time using blender, I was ...
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Studio Environment Template setup

I do a lot of mechanical design in software packages like, Autodesk Inventor, Solidworks and Catia. I would like to build a portfolio on the web (in certain cases, my customers also want presentation ...
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How to make a template

im a absolute beginner using blender and hope someone can help me. I work as a prosthetist and wanted to create a template for some foam which i have to glue into a orthesis. i do have a stl of the ...
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Built-In Python Templates to Blender 3.2

Could anyone help me make sense of the import file template that Blender 3.2 gives for Python scripting? It seems a lot of this code is unnecessary for the function of opening a dialog box and ...
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New Application Template, how to set is as default?

I would like to transform my BlenderFDS addon into an Application Template to facilitate the UI customization. I have read and tried that with command-line arguments you can setup a launcher that ...
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Custom splash screen

I want to create a custom splash screen in Blender 3.1. I have created an application template in the contents, where all the other templates go. I can access the template in Blender, but ...
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