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Questions tagged [subdivision-surface]

Use this tag for questions involving Blender's Subdivision Surface modifier

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How do I prevent overhangs when using subdivision modifier?

I'm trying to extrude an indent into an object, but for some reason whenever I apply the Subdivision Modifier, it gives the indent an overhang partially covering the indent. I have used loop cut and ...
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Subdivision surface changes model size. Any way to fix or alternative?

I'm trying to use a Subsurf modifier to create high poly model from low poly model in order to create normal map. And I'm not completely satisfied with the result. As you can see in the image below ...
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How to Model Smooth Models for Games with Low Poly

I want to model for games.I'm using Unreal Engine for developing a game.And I have a few questions about modelling smooth looking models with low poly: How many triangles supposed to be in a basic ...
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Adding Subdivision Surface Messes Up Geometry

So I'm working on this geometric shape that looks like this: I've converted to tris and then all my tris to quads. So there shouldn't be any ngons left in the geometry. I've also recalculated all my ...
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Can't use texture draw on an object

I'm following Blender Guru's tutorial Donut series. After completing the modelling and sculpting I noticed I had more than one million polygons, so I reduced it by using Decimate modifier. After that, ...
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Subdivision Surface seam artifact?

so, I'm kinda new to 3d modelling (I've done some simpler low poly people and objects in the past) and I keep running into this issue with the Subdivision Surface modifier where it leaves this seam ...
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How do you cut a clean hole into an object that has been subdivided?

I can't get it to work using any of the existing answers to this question. I have a box that has been subdivided. I want to cut a square hole into it. I've tried using Knife Project and the Boolean ...
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subdivide all faces whose area is bigger than 1mm until each face area is smaller than 1mm

I have a mesh as follows. I would like to subdivide all faces, where the area of each face is bigger than 1mm, until each of those faces has an area of no more than 1mm. Is there a way to do that in ...
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Subdivision Surface Artifact with Creases

I'm currently in the process of modeling the nose section of an aircraft. I started by creating the outlines of the cockpit windows, which need to be straight so I creased them. Then I connected this ...
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Small black triangle appears during subdivide in combination with Sub Surface

I have pretty standard mesh with a sub surface modifier (not applied). Editing has been fine until now - now when I subdivide an edge (one cut) it creates a small black diamond around the new vertex....
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