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How would I export the vertex groups data from the "spreadsheet" option in Blender?

I have several vertex groups separated on my 3D model and I would like to export the spreadsheet that reflects the x,y, and z data along with the vertex groups data. I have already been able to export ...
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I don't see normal direction in the spreadsheet

For some reason I don't see the normal direction in the geometry spreadsheet, I tried to add the viewer node, didn't help. The first screenshot is what I have, and the second one is how it is supposed ...
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spreadsheet shows values for vertices but not for edges or faces

I run Blender 3.6.4, leave the default cube, click Geometry Nodes. I add a Viewer Node to the Geometry nodes. The spreadsheet shows the Vertex data, but when I look for Edge or Face data the ...
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Export instances position from Spreadsheet to csv

I'm looking for a method to export the position of my instances to a .csv file to make some considerations in Excel. Does anyone know how to do this? Cheers! EDIT: I don't think this post is the ...
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How to export Blender spreadsheet data into .csv file without applying GN?

I created this geometry in Blender GN, and I need to export the 3d coordinates of a list of points(These points are not on the input geometry), the data is already shown in the "Blender ...
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Is it possible to highlight an instance in geonode with spreadsheets?

Currently learning geometry nodes by trying to create a rollercoaster. I am trying to get the value of rotation of an instance, but I need a specific one. Is it possible to select it via Spreadsheet? ...
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Geo-Nodes: How to display specific vertices in spreadsheet?

I would like to mark a vertex in the 3d preview and know its exact values/coordinates. Is there a way to mark a specific vertex or a selection of vertices in the 3d preview and tell Blender to ...
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How to view real time object transform values in geometry nodes spreadsheet

I have a simple scene. One object is only a single vert and another object is an empty. The single vert is just used as place holder, it could be any object with geometry/mesh. A geometry node ...
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Represent temperature by colors over time

I want to represent the temperatures of zones in my building by colors over time. I have a file that has the following form : Time T_zone1 T_zone2 T_zoneN 1. 20. 21. 20. 2. 19. 22. 21. 3. 18. 17. ...
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Geometry Nodes: Material's Total Area (Accumulate Field Total Unique)

I want to get area spreadsheet of all materials on mesh, and since there is no domain "materials", i think the best method is place points at mean location of separated by materials mesh, ...
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Blender Viewer Nodes showing different values for the same vectors depending on the geometry attached to them?

I posted a question on StackExchange directly 4 days ago (link), being unaware of this specific Blender-StackExchange. So please appologize my double-post. Here is my question that meanwhile keeps me ...
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adding or filling export to csv/excel fill [duplicate]

adding or filling export to csv/excel fill test
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Geometry Nodes & Viewer node : how can I debug a value?

i'm learning Geometry Nodes and I'm trying to catch the value of a node to debug it. I think this should be achieved with the Viewer node, which has two inputs : Geometry & Value. Connecting a ...
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