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Questions tagged [source-code]

For questions relating to the blender c/c++ source code.

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1 answer

How to enable or disable panels with the click of a button

When I click on the "new" button, some panels that were disabled appear. I read their code, but I didn't understand. How do I get certain panels to appear when I click a button?
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1 answer

Find implementation of specific class in source code

I am trying to find the following classes in the source code: SCREEN_OT_screenshot EXPORT_MESH_OT_stl However, I have no idea ...
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1 vote
1 answer

Blender Physics constraint implementation sources

I wanted to know where exactly in sources, Blender implements the Bullet Physics for its rigid body constraint solving. That is, where does it pass the arguments such as Rigid Bodies, their ...
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1 answer

Viewport output on videocard

we are currently looking into the possibility of adding monitoring of a fullscreen viewport on SDI videocards, like the Blackmagic Decklink or Blackmagic Ultrastudio. Blackmagic Design has a SDK, with ...
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How to change Default Object Color in Source Code?

All new primitives have their default object.color set to white. Anyone know where to edit the source code so I can change the default object color to gray for example ...
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Node Editor - Python - Expose listed Node Groups dynamically in Node shelf panel

Issue Currently, node groups are only accessible in the Add menu then group sub-menu. You can't just click and drag them into use. You have to search, or go into sub-menus to use them. Question It ...
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