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Questions tagged [shadeless]

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0 answers

How to Render an image of a mesh with texture with Blender4.0, so texture is shadeless [duplicate]

I just want to render an image of my model , which have a texture, It comes from photogrammetry and I need to export an ortophoto, which shouldn't have any shadows. In previous versions, I only had to ...
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0 answers

Render without shading

I am trying to render a scene without any shading. I followed the steps shown in the answer of this question from many years ago: Selected "Cycles" as render engine Enabled color passes ...
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0 answers

How to fix all the flicker when rendering

I made something in Blender today. But when I rendered it has some black streaks flicker around the faces of object. I'm not sure how to fix the problem, I tried a few methods but it didn't work out ...
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1 answer

Exporting a KHR_materials_unlit material with alpha

I need to export a glTF model with a material that uses the KHR_materials_unlit extension. This is a simple faked shadow, and so I need the material to use an image ...
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1 answer

How to do a shadeless vertex color material in Blender 3.2.2 with Eevee?

I'm trying to do a shadeless vertex color material in Blender version 3.2.2. using Eevee. I tried to connect an emission shader but the material renders pink. There is two screenshots bellow for ...
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