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Screencast is a term describing tools that display mouse clicks and button presses as an overlay on an application's (screen) window. Use this tag for questions about Screencast tools, such as Screencast Keys Addon, in Blender.

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lines with color appearing on screen when using tool

i have a problem,everytime i try to use the rotation tool or the tool to move random lines appear on me screen, the things i tried and didnt worked are: -Reinstall blender -Delete the folder Blender ...
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Screencast Keys enabled but invisible

I have followed tutorials to install and enable screencast keys, and I can see that it is technically "functional" but the actual icons and words are invisible? In the screenshot below you ...
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Screencast Keys Not Working on 3.0+

Anyone know why screencast keys won't work on Blender 3.0+? I don't think it's an addon conflict (It works in 2.93 with all the same addons installed.) Hoping this is a known thing/quick fix. Here's ...
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I accidentally clicked something and the little bar at the bottom for animating takes up my whole screen [duplicate]

I clicked something and now my entire "Layout" section is completely taken up by the animation bar, I have tried to simply use my cursor at the top to drag it back down, but it doesn't seem ...
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screencast dosen't work in blender 3.0

i have instaled screencast add-ons and installed it in blender but when i enable it it appear this error :
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Any tips or documentations for improving blender python skills?

Recently, I set my goal to create my own screencast key for my python projects, but there's not much related instructions nor infos out there, like creating an ...
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Create default scene with Screen cast keys addon enabled and turned on

I always want to enable the Screencast keys addon when using Blender. I'm trying to avoid having to remember to turn it on for each new Blender project. I tried turning the checkbox for it on in the N-...
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Blender Status Bar

first time poster here. Using a 1920 screen the blender status bar, plus all notifications run off the screen to the point I cannot see key notifications (the little blue information box)from tools ...
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Unaligned camera: red and yellow squares

I'm having the following problem: camera has a trembling yellow square that moves when I move the camera view. Hoy could I align this squares ?
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With Screencast removed in Blender 2.8, what is a good alternative to capture a timelapse of your work?

I have been wanting to record timelapses of my work to share with my friends as we learn Blender together. This video shows that in pre-Blender v2.8 there was the 'Screencast' (Alt+F3) feature that ...
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BGE app doesn't work properly with eye-tracking screen recorder

It is my master thesis project where i want to investigate the gaze fixations with Tobi eyetracker i created everything in Blender and it works perfect but as soon as i turn on the screen recorder of ...
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Python how to take screenshots of higher resolution

It's known you can take a screenshot of a particular blender window using something like this bpy.ops.screen.screenshot( filepath=filepath, check_existing=False) But how can I ...
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Ffmpeg output not working

I was trying to make a screencast but as soon as I start recording, the "Capture" button that you press to stop recording goes away and the recording stops. I have output set to MP4 in H.264 but when ...
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Does anyone know why I can't screen cast play mode in BGE?

I want to make a video that kind-of advertises my game, but the screen cast option just quits when I push P to play the game. For my old version, I would play the game during my screencast, but in the ...
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How to turn off screencast mouse highlighter?

I tried the Screencast function, and now this thing wont go away!! :((
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Thin Black lines on start up?

Okay, so I have this triangle looking thing, made of a thin black line on every startup file. I have made a few different startup files to try to fix it, but it shows up on every one. Any info?
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Screen capture with blender

how do I record my screen with blender to answer questions? Do I need to use an external recorder or is there one built into blender?
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Record Screencast on Active Area

I have seen screencast record that were posted. They were not full screen capture but only a portion of the screen. Hovering the mouse on screencast review the tool tip "Capture a video of the active ...
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