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Questions tagged [quick-favorites]

Quick Favorites refers to a popup menu, using the Q key as a shortcut by default, that you can quickly add entries to. It is meant to provide you with an easy to customize menu for your favorite commands. Use this tag for questions about adding and removing entries in the quick favorites menu; or changing the quick favorites shortcut.

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How can I turn the 'Quick Favorites' menu into a pie menu with Python?

I'm looking for a way to turn the list of quick favorites into a pie menu. I don't want to hard code every one of them in the addon, I just want the pie menu to update automatically when I add a tool ...
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How do I switch between two created brushes without pressing N?

like we have in Photoshop and other digital art tools, we can press alt or some keybindings to change between the various brushes we have, how to do that in blender
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how to choose a selection in a dropdown menu without the cursor being on it

You can scroll through any dropdown menu with the mousewheel, but how do you actually choose your selection? I started to use HOps lately and you can't replace the quick favourites shortcut for both ...
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Is it possible to automatically inherit/import custom shortcut mappings from an older Blender version to a newer?

I'm about to start experimenting with Blender 2.81; unfortunately, doing so means all of my custom Quick Favorites and Shortcuts (and other interface changes, e.g. select with RMB) have been lost. Is ...
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