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UVProject why no detail in the cusp surface image?

I have UVProject working... projecting an image on a flat surface extruded from a cube. But when I repeat this on the cusp surface (see image) it becomes a diffuse color ie no detail of the image. I ...
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Can I animate different scenes of a film with the “new scene” function of the same project without overloading my PC?

I’d like to make a narrative animation, but I’m a bit confused on how I would go about different scenes. Animating different scenes in different projects and editing them together seems a bit ...
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Bug for export my project

Good morning, One of my Blender project bug. I don’t have access to my main menu and therefore can’t export my project. Can you help me?
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Asset Browser Search Path Technical Question

I've been going through my current asset folder and organizing my assets, however, it seems kind of counter intuitive to have a folder just for assets that are marked by blender's asset browser. I ...
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Camera projection matrix is always the same

I wrote a simple python script to render a scene from different points of view. For each rendered image i also need to save the projection matrix of the camera that took the picture. I try to get the ...
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Save image projections on the same object in the same 'static' texture

I have a scene with a big mesh and a small camera that I use to project an image on it (using the UV project modifier). I want to project this image on the object for different positions and ...
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