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Camera projection without generating UV's?

I'd like to project an image sequence onto arbitrary geometry without touching its UV's. I already tried the UV project modifier as well as a lamp as projector. Using the Mapping node within the ...
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Project photo onto mesh UV texture

I am trying to project an image, taken from a certain angle, onto a mesh. For the experiment I have a simple box. I was hoping I could use this for more complex geometry, like a 3D scanned room for ...
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2 votes
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Modify the Save project function

[Intro] I'm looking for the Python function (if it exists at all) that saves the .blend file in order to modify it. If it doesn't exist - Please continue reading. I'm opened to any suggestions! [...
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Move a project from 2.93 to 3.0 without causing issues

I have some projects created with 2.93 version. Because of the speed of CycleX, I want to continue my project in 3.0. In this post , it was said that it's better to continue in the same version to ...
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How to bend a closed mesh spherically? [duplicate]

I want to project a mesh onto a spherical surface. For this I use the ShrinkWrap modifier. With the edge it works very well. But it doesn't work with the face because I can't generate a grid. Draw a ...
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How could one unwrap/morph/project a complex 3D mesh to a flat surface?

I'm working with a 3D mesh (non-convex) and would like to achieve a similar effect as shown in the following video: From: In other words, if I'm starting with a ...
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