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Questions pertaining to software performance or computational speed of Blender should use this tag. (Do not ask hardware specific questions. They are considered off-topic)

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Cycles hybrid rendering

The Cycles render engine can render both on the CPU and the GPU. I often render over-night so I do not need my computer to be responsive. Is it possible to render with Cycles using both the CPU and ...
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Best Tile Size for Blender Internal Renderer and Cycles

There've been a few discussions about tile sizes for Cycles, but none that I can find about that of BI. Since it renders with the CPU, does it follow the same rule as cycles where smaller is better (...
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1 answer

General system specs for large scenes in blender [closed]

What are the system requirements for working with complex geometry in Blender? Things like RAM, GPU, CPU etc.?
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How to efficiently instantiate object with memory-hungry modifiers?

Using Alt + D to duplicate light meshes with heavy modifiers (like a leaf with a particle instance modifier or a trunk with a subdivision modifier) can lead to huge memory usage. Because only the base ...
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What are the best graphics cards for cycles? [closed]

I'm considering having a system build solely for rendering for cycles (as kind of a single PC renderfarm). Since the GPUs would be most important here, I plan on having it build around those. I was ...
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How can I get faster render times for a single image? [closed]

When rendering a single frame, either by pushing F12 or from the Properties → Render menu, is there any way to speed up the process? I know about rendering animation through the Python console to ...
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Blender becomes very slow with large amount of objects sharing mesh data

In my script I am importing a large amount of objects (+2500) but sharing the mesh data from one single primitive. While this has taken care of importing speed, it completely slows blender down. ...
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