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Why my particle system only shows particles falling down?

I just started learning to use Blender and I'm following a tutorial in which i have to create a particle system over a mesh; but when I add the particle system and press play, it only shows the ...
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cloth simulation is not working properly

hey all so I have this plane , and I have two object with hair particle system on it , basically the cloth is not really working properly as the hair is going through the cloth , how can I fix this , ...
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Halo Particle Colors Can't Be Changed?

Trying to change the color of the particles based on their age in 3.6.2, but I can't seem to get it to work. Even trying simpler materials doesn't seem to affect the color. I've tried using objects as ...
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Merging Nearby Instances to a single point in Blender Geometry Nodes [duplicate]

With Geometry Nodes, is there a way to merge all the top 3 points coming from distributed particles into a single point (such as the median point of the yellow sphere) in a scene like pictured? ...
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Procedural realistic hair (Hair cards)

What I'm aiming for This is for procedural hair cards. Basically I have one texture atlas containing 12 different hair strand types. And I want for every hair mesh generated by the particle system to ...
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Is there any way to randomly rotate invidividual particles either 90, 180, 270, or 360 degrees along one axis? [duplicate]

I'm a beginner at Blender, and I was trying to make a Tetris themed thing. For it, I wanted to have each individual piece be randomly rotated 90, 180, 270, or 360 degrees on the Z axis. Is there any ...
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How to simulate spacecraft RCS thrusters animation?

I am creating photorealistic spacecraft animations and I would like to add reaction control system (RCS) thruster effects (see the linked video for a real world example). As I've never worked with ...
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I am trying to copy an object with particle system animation but not working

I am trying to copy an object with particle system animation into another blend file. Every time I copy it, it moves without the particle system. Note: If I apply the particle mesh, it doesn't keep ...
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Particle info node is not working for molecular add on in cycle ;(

I want to make a sand block. So, I followed youtube video : I made a good sand using molecular add on, but I had a problem in particle info node. ...
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Geo Nodes: Align point instance to normal - tangent

I am attempting to replicate blenders particle system alignment using geo nodes. the issue I'm having is that I cant get the particles to stay upright, is it possible to align to something like normal ...
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Blender geometry nodes stretching objects

i am new to blender and was trying to instance leaf (distribute leaves) but when I applied geometry nodes the leaf object gets stretched
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Problems With Particle Rotation

I am trying to create pipes and AC Units on a building, I am trying to use a particle system to generate new buildings that look different. Unfortunately, the AC Units are all facing random directions....
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Problems With Hair Particles

So I'm working with my model and I decided it should probably have some hair on the side. So I do the whole weight paint thing and added hair in that area, so then I created the hair and combed it ...
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My hair particles move when in particle edit mode

I'm new to particles and may have missed something but but i'm sure its some bug: When I switch to particle edit from object mode, the hair particles project towards my screen (pictures below). Also ...
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Particle System Removes Landscape when it is rendered

Simply put, I am trying to create a Mars scene but when I go to render an image, the landscape disappears. I am using Blender version 2.92. I am using two particle systems to spread rocks of various ...
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Can't activate experimental Particle Nodes/ Simulation Window

Was the experimental Particle Nodes Feature removed in 2.91.0 Beta? (Nov 8, 00:34:11) I’m Trying to access it via Preferences > Experimental but there is nothing there but “Debugging”-Features. ...
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