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Use this tags for questions about operations performed on objects when they are in particle-edit-mode, rather than any of the other modes, such as edit, sculpt and weight painting.

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How to export hair particles to FBX, OBJ, GLB formats?

I have a seal and applied some hair particles on it, but when I export the model the hair particles does not appear with it. I tried converting the hair particles into mesh but still does not work. I ...
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Particle System Halos vs Objects Does anyone know why this is happening and if there is a solution? When I start the particle system and the default ...
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Can't move hair particles using G, R or S

I cant transform any of my hairparticles on various meshes. The combing tools does work but I want to manually make changes by using G.
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animating the *number* of emitter particle [duplicate]

is there a way to actually animate the number of emitter particles? so basically I m trying to make rain first it goes slowly with for example 50 particle , and after frame 200 It goes up to 20000 ...
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Broken hair mirroring

I have a mesh that has Mirror and Subdivision modifiers (in that order) applied to it. I'm trying to add symmetrical fur/hair to it. It looks like this: Why, when there are no particles on the right, ...
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Hair particles (eyelashes) sticking together on a mirrored model

I'm working on the eyelashes of my mirrored character. I drew weight paint on the left eye with mirror mod so the weight was applied to both eyes. However, the eyelashes were only applied on the side ...
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How to make these particles flow along this curve object?

this is my first post here I'm kinda a newbie therefore pardon my ignorance. So there is this curve object I've imported as a svg file. I want to create some particles to flow along it. Since now I've ...
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Particle hair behaving strangely and falling through skull mesh. General mayhem

I'm new to blender. Really, the only thing I'm using it for is hair creation, so I can import the hair into Unreal Engine for animations. I figured I'd start with a super simple slicked back hair ...
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Can this Houdini curl noise flow effect be done in Blender?

Can we make the particles flow across the surface of a sphere like this? Maybe using forces? I tried using a negative force field to attract the particles to the surface and tried using the vertex ...
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Children in Hair Particle System got scattered [closed]

Whenever I add hair a single hair strand in particle edit, children of that hair strand are got scattered in the space. A screenshot is attached. Please Help.
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How to capture particle simulation at a particular frame to be initial state (Particle Edit frame 1)

I am trying to do copy a Hair simulation at a particular frame to be it's frame 1 start point, almost like doing a Particle Edit but with the effects of gravity and Collision objects (example a hat on ...
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My G hotkey doesn't work, how to rework it?

When I wanted to edit my donut, I suddenly found that it has no reaction when I hit G, is there something I can do to fix the problem?
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Particles Emitting out of the mesh. Leaving the object

I am new to Blender and I am using Blender 3.0.0 and I was making a city scape and I sculpted some buildings and I want to place them on the plane as particles but the building particles are emitting ...
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Hair curves change shape when switching between object mode and particle edit mode

I am trying to create hair using the particle editor. I'm laying down the curves then using children to populate them with hair. I have five different layers of hair and on just one of the layers the ...
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Hair particle color in particle edit mode

I know that in particle edit mode the hair marks appear black. But my particles appear light blue. It makes my eyes tired and I don't know exactly where I've chosen. It looks simple, but I am unable ...
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My hair particles move when in particle edit mode

I'm new to particles and may have missed something but but i'm sure its some bug: When I switch to particle edit from object mode, the hair particles project towards my screen (pictures below). Also ...
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