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A NURBS Surface is a mathematical model representing a surface. Use this tag for any questions pertaining to the "Surface" Object type in blender.

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Lofting between Splines

I’ve seen some C4D users use a tool called Loft-NURBS it seemed like a good way to speed up my workflow. Is there a tool in Blender to create a surface from ...
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How to extract side-view outline (e.g. top view) of a 3D object to 2D surface?

I want to make some 2D version of 3D particles. I used to shrinkWrap the 3D mesh to a plan, and draw NURBS curve manually along the boundary. However it is too time-consuming! Is there any easy way ...
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Create NURBS surface with Python

How can I write a script to create a NURBS surface with given control points? I did find a helpful piece of source code that got me here: ...
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Why can I not use the Make Segments command on my Surface NURBS Curves?

I followed the tutorial on the Modeling/Surfaces/Skinning wiki page, and then I created a simple test. I created a Surface NURBS curve, made 3 copies with space between them, selected all, and hit F, ...
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Automatically draw hidden portions of paths with dashed lines

This is a follow up to a question of mine on TeX stackexchange site. Is it possible in blender to have an open surface that would render as opaque but the render would show automatically, depending ...
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Distorted mesh when I use a bevel object on Nurbs curve vs. Bezier curve

I have a series of objects that I have procedurally generated use Bezier or Nurbs curves for which I then attached a Bevel and Taper object. When I use a Bezier curve the objects come out correctly. ...
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Export/list the control points of a NURBS

30 minutes ago, I launched blender for the first time. I'm rather overwhelmed by the options, so I dare to ask this novice question. I'd like to export the control ...
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Mesh curve to Nurbs

I'm new here. I'm want ask you if there is the possibility to transform the curve that comes from subdivision surface (shown in the photo) in NURBS curve.
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Parametizing parabolic nurbs surface

Wireframe of nurbs selected, default z-surface parabola underneath How to model an accurate parabolic mirror with a known focal point? Animating z surface math functions Reminded me of an afterthought ...
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Can we smooth selected faces to make curved surface more precise?

Is there a way to smooth selected faces to make curved surface more precise? This kind of mathematical accuracy is of course easier achieved by using nurbs oriented workflow, but it could be handy to ...
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how would you texture map a rope?

I would like to make a rope for a game object (so it should be fairly low poly). I know how to divide a cylinder into segments (K key with Z key) and form it around a nurbs path. for my game engine (...
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Is it possible to use blender to create a curved surface based on an original formula instead of the one used to create NURBS?

The way curved surfaces are created by computers is, for each conceivable point on a rectilinear surface, a formula is applied which evaluates the position of control vertices to determine where in ...
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How to make evenly spaced pillars for a roller coaster track?

I am a beginner in Blender. I am making a roller coaster and I want to put an array of stands under my roller coaster tracks. To do that, I used DupliFrame on my pillars, parented them to my NURBs ...
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