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can a mesh be smooth without creating "holes"

Right now I try to smooth a quite big mesh to the piont you cant realy make out the eges in the final rendering. But every methode I found was just giving no result at all or downsize the singel "mesh ...
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Multires Normal Baking Not Baking Normal Data

I smart UV projected a model of the monkey head after subdividing it 5 times and lightly sculpting on it, then baked the normal data based on the multires, but all I get is a flat normal map texture ...
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i think my multiresolution have problem but i dont know what

This is my object without multiresolution and without baked normal map and this is with multiresolution and this is with baked normal map of multiresolution dont know why its not simmilar at all. ...
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2 issues with Multires Modifier

I have two problems. They are both visible in the gif. 1.) The Sculpt level 0 shape/silhouette hardly resembles the Sculpt level 1 silhouette. I doubt I can bake a good normal map to level 0 if the ...
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Partialy applying multiresolution modifier

I have a very low poly mesh which has a multires modifier on it which has subdivisions set to 7. Is there a way i could apply a few subdivisions to the base mesh, but leave the multires modifier ...
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Grids are visible on displacement map when baked

I was making model with multires amd when i finished detailing my model.. i baked it using multi res. But when i baked displacement map it has some line and grid are visible to it as you can see in ...
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Boolean tool trouble with diffence

ive been trying to make a airsoft mask for a few months now but im having trouble finishing the model to export in stl for printing. i finished sculpting, but now i have to make holes for the horns ...
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Sculpting a photorealistic human face for animation: use the multiresolution modifier?

I'm locking down a production workflow for sculpting photorealistic human faces for animation but having a conceptual problem about whether or not to involve the multiresolution modifier the sculpt ...
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