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MTREE Export to Unreal Engine 5

I am using MTREE for creating trees for a game and I wanna export these tree to unreal engine 5. But I can only export the tree itself without the leaves because it is not part of the Mesh. How can I ...
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Blender 3.2 doesn't open because of an Addon

I have been working with Blender 3.0 without problems and tried to download a newer Blender version (3.2) on my MacBook (MacBook Air, M1, Ventura 13.0.1) but it wouldn't open, just bounce in the dock, ...
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How to duplicate trees from sapling tree generator?

I forgot how to duplicate trees in a scene that were created in Sapling Tree generator, if I try and copy and paste they turn into a mess. Do you make it a collection first? Thank you.
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Decimate particle instances

I am trying to make a pine tree. I used a sapling tree generator to create the trunk, created a needle model, and used particle instances to populate the needles. As the needles are relatively small, ...
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MTree addon showing blank nodes

Anybody knows why the nodes on the MTree add-on are showing blank? A few days ago I started working on a tree, all going good, I was chuffed with it, I saved and closed the file. Today I open the file ...
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Modular Tree Add-on for 2.93.1

I want to use the modular tree add-on from Github, but it's only for Blender 2.8 I tried to install it, but it only gives me empty nodes. I ...
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Why blender doesn't render my trees

I created this particle plane with trees, but when I render cycles or eevee it doesn't render trees. What I could do? blender file
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Application mtree not working (MacBook Pro, Catalina 10.15.7)

I'm trying to download and install the MTree Addon (latest release) from Github on a MacBook Pro Catalina 10.15.7 Blender v2.83.4. It is the first time I'm trying to download a 3rd party addon, so it'...
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Blender (2.91) modular tree addon, with particle system the leaves do not show up

I used the modular tree add-on to make trees for a forest scene. I want to scatter all the trees that I made around my scene via a hair particle system, but whenever I make the particle system, it ...
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