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How can I move this soft body and empty to another project after baking?

Hello, I'm attempting to add this baked simulation to a moving car in another scene. I have it moving exactly how I want it to and now I'm just looking to parent to an object so I can move it to ...
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MMD Models Materials/Bones/Joints all Disappear and model becomes invisible

I just opened blender so I can continue fixing another model unrelated to MMD, and decided to open one MMD Model for a reference then suddenly for no apparent reason the model loads in with nothing ...
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Header option gone?

I've used Blender a couple of times since the new Blender 4.0 release. It did not have any problems until recently when I opened Blender the header option was gone. The essential tools to edit are ...
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How to export a model with fur to MMD

I imported a MMD modle in to blender and added fur to it. Now I want to export it back to MMD. The export works as such but the doesn't appear. Also the two materials I added in Blender don't show ...
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origin not moving with pmx model when playing animation

I import the model using mmdtools. I want to create a child parent relationship between a group of lights and the model so there's no weird shadows. It works perfectly fine in object mode however when ...
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Rigging with rigify

Ok I've been trying to make a custom rig for a stick figure and whenever I try to generate the rig. It says the mmd bone doesn't support the ui data. I'm severely malding over here can someone help?
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Problem applying physics into MMD Model in Blender

When I apply the physics on my MMD model, part of her bosom and her skirts go floating instead of hanging. Any help? Blend file:
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Is it possible to mask parts of a model to let them always appear top of other objects?

I recently work on toon shader in Blender cycles and EEVEE and quite curious how the game achieves this effect. What I want to do is to somehow "see through" the hair and when the hair cover ...
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Does blender only let you add physics to one model? - mmdtools

I've been trying to work on mmd animations for some time and I've noticed something. The first time I used the built in physics tool in the mmdtools add-on was when I only had one model, one stage, ...
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Changing one material's properties affects other materials... and the relevant objects don't share mats. (maybe MMD_Tools-specific?)

Blend plus relevant sphere images. You may need the MMD_Tools plugin, as explained below, but it's essentially a materials issue. I have here a character with a "fins/lens" material and a &...
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