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About MB-lab addon. How can I fix the problem with red eyelids in characters?

When there is a lot of light on the stage, the red eyelids are almost invisible. But when you want to make a dark environment, the eyelids glow red like lanterns. How can I fix this? I'm using mb-lab ...
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how does one edit the mesh generated by MB-Lab?

In a previous question I asked if it was possible to model a specific human face. The answer I got was that its used more as a tool for approximating your target face, then manually adjust the mesh to ...
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Collision and cloth modifier don't work

I would like to use the collision and the cloth modifier to fit perfectly the shirt and the pants (created with adobe fuse) to the body of my character. I've created the character with the manuel ...
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Adding more than one character using ManuelBastioniLab

is there a way to create more than one character in the same scene by using MBLab? When I create the first one I do not not have the "Create Character " available anymore. I need to add more ...
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taking a manuel bastoni character to another file

I wanted to test creating a character in another file, and now that I am satisfied with the character I wanted to move it to the original file, I used manuel bastioni lab for character creation but ...
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