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How do you access and set a specific bone animation fcurve in python ? e.g. set pinky02_L z rotation = 8 degrees

I want to access the keyframes for a specific bone in animation_data.action, just so I can reset them to a default value. My main problem is I dont know how to just access a specific bone. The ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Manuel Bastioni lab and soft body simulation

I'm trying to apply soft body sim to a Manuel Bastioni lab human and all I can get as a result is a collapse of the body like cloth or explosion of everything. How can I simulate the output human as ...
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can makehuman/MB-Labs be used to make a SPECIFIC human face from photos?

I've been trying to use either of these two tools to create a model, in this case, based on the actor Pete Postlethwaite. Now, I'm not a very good artist, which is why I was trying to use these tools ...
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