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Non-manifold face

I recently resolved a non-manifold issue as detailed in my answer here, but I have now made another issue for myself which I cannot seem to resolve. I have been trying to reduce the amount of ...
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I pressed some button accidentally and now the loop cut tool is invisible for the selected objects

So I think I pressed some button and something happened to the objects I had selected. Now on these objects when I go into edit mode and press ctrl-r to add loop cuts the new orange lines don't appear ...
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How does one create a looping animation on the Z axis in Blender 2.8?

I've read a dozen posts on loop animation, but nothing seems to work in version 2.8 of Blender. I have a simple need to rotate a UFO 360 continuously during an animation with other things going on. ...
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Using the loop cut and adding additional loops

I have an issue with loop cut. It says press ⎈ CtrlR and then you can use the mouse wheel to adjust the cuts. I am using industry standard keys and ⎇ AltC is the shortcut but middle mouse ...
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Loop selection if Vertices have less or more then 4 faces

Link to this video How Blender Guru selected Loops with vertex which has five contiguous faces. When I try to select Loop with vertex which has more or less four vertex Loop selection are breaking on ...
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Edge loop select in linux [duplicate]

In Linux Mint pressing the Alt+LMB moves windows. How would I select an edge loop in this situation?
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Face loop select options. Selecting faces between two faces [duplicate]

When I clicked Alt and select the face its select all the faces in the horizontal direction , which is not not what I required I want to select the faces in the vertical direction. Is there anyway to ...
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How can I snap edges to grid lines?

I am very new to Blender and I'm having some trouble with grid snapping. I have absolute grid snapping enabled. If I select an edge or edge loop and attempt to snap to grid, it snaps in the correct ...
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Subdivision Surface and Knife Project. Blender 2.8

I made mesh for deck of guitar. After, I had to make a hole in this mesh. Also I used Subdivision Surface Modifier. I created a circle to use "Knife Project". Made in the mesh a circle then ...
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Help me to use 'Loop Cut' properly. Blender 2.8

I use Blender 2.8. I read how to fix it on Blender 2.79, but i cant repeat their moves on Blender 2.8. I want to 'Loop Cut' cuts around my mesh.
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Is it possible to shift faces by using "square" loops

Is it possible to shift faces using a square loop? Is there a better way to accomplish the animation that is below, using Blender I made an animation in Octave of what I'm trying to accomplish in ...
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"number of slices" shortcut doesn't work (Loop Cut) Hi, i try this tutorial but "number of slices" page up/down or mouse wheel shortcut doesn't work ? Version: 2.8 RC
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How do I make an array of objects light up sequentially?

I have many cylinders duplicated with an array. The material emits light. I need to make the cylinders light up and turn off one after an other in a loop. Any idea on how to do this?
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Animation Nodes - instance objects over time

I am trying to create an animation where torus's emanate from a centre at regular intervals (like the RKO Pictures radio wave animation). This means creating new instances over time. I have managed ...
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Why can I add a horizontal loop cut, but I can't add a vertical loop cut [duplicate]

In the images I'm trying to add a loop cut vertically through the rectangles, however, it only allows me to add a horizontal loop cut. The mesh is only a plane and I am using the mirror modifier. I'...
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How to modify the uneven space between separate loop cuts, while they are already cut?

While I noticed how to entirely remove edge loops (by dissolving) and simply creating them anew. I'd like to know if there's a way to modify the amount of space between each and between specific of ...
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Can't find any tutorials on Body Edgeloops [duplicate]

I can find plenty of tutorials on good edge loops while modelling the head, hands, feet but nothing on the main body itself, any help please?
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Can't do loop cut or ring on my mesh [duplicate]

My problem is that I can't ring or loop-cut a set of polygons that are co-planar. This is the sort of thing that's happening, as you can see I can only affect 2 faces at a time. I've cleaned up the ...
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shift alt left click for loop select doesn't work in 2.8 anymore. What did they change now?

The title says it all. This is so incredibly, unbearably annoying. mesh.loop_select doesn't work now... and I can't figure out that they've made it into. Even when reset to default settings I can no ...
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Alt + left-click not working anymore in Blender 2.8?

I don't know why but it seems Alt+LMB is not working for edge loop selection in blender 2.80. Is it a bug? Or is there's a new shortcut for that?
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