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Lighting/glare issues with Eevee

I have a lighting problem with Eevee, this is the rendering without baking indirect lights and reflections: nothing strange here. But if I bake lights it render like this: as you can see there is ...
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(EEVEE) The whole scene goes white when I bake indirect lighting. What could be causing this?

I´m pretty new to Blender, and I had always used Cycles to render everything up until now. I have a scene, that was previously set up for cycles, and I´m trying to bake the lighting in eevee, but when ...
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Blender Eevee, How do I update indirect lighting before every frame during rendering?

I've been making a scene in Eevee where an astronaut is moving down a hallway and he has a reflective visor, however he moves quite far. Probably 10m worth of distance. I made a glossy material and ...
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Emission Node, Object and Irradiance Volume Does not Get Along

Newbie here in blender. I'm trying to understand how emission node and light probe works together. I have set up a simple scene that has a light source, floor and a circle. There are things that I ...
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Volumetric lighting fix

I want to make a volumetric light that comes from into a box but in a bright room like this: But when i use volumetric scatter or other nodes to my scene,the light doesn't appear and my render gets in ...
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Eevee - Irradiance volume and light baking in complex environment

I am in the learning process of Blender, currently working on my own interior environment and I would like to use eevee for rendering. I have a problem with indirect light baking and irradiance volume ...
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EEVEE bake indirect lighting for an animation

I am rendering an animation in EEVEE and I want the indirect lighting to be baked for every frame. This is because I want the scene to be lit up during the animation, and not preset. The first frame: ...
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Multiple Light Probe Planes in EEVEE

I'm working on an dance studio scene in EEVEE. There are mirrored walls on both sides of the room, so I attempted to place two light probe plane objects. However, as shown in the attached image, only ...
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Reflection problem

Guys I'm using blender so I want to create a mirror in it. I was turn on the screen space reflection in both render tab and material tab and reflection plane is also fit to plane object and also used ...
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how to aviod "flashes" in eevee with irradience volumes

I'm getting single frame "flashes" in blender 3.0 rendering with eevee and irradience volumes. If i rerender these frames manually, they're unlikely to reappear. Currently its about a 1/60 ...
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how to fix light leak from objects?

I'm not trolling!I'm really a beginner, the project im current working got a light problem,the light just leak from the glass hood in Eevee,but in another angle,which you can see it from chart 2,the ...
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How do I change the color of the light emitted by an Irradiance Volume Light Probe in EEVEE?

I am working with EEVEE right now, and I wanted to use the irradiance Volume Light Probe to create a sort of square shape light. It works pretty well but I can't find the option to change the color of ...
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